Play two player rummy game online and win cash prizes

Rummy has been traditionally played with a group of 4 to 6 family members and friends. But, it can also be played by two players. Even though the stakes aren't higher with two players, the game becomes quite exciting. Two player online games have thus become quite popular due to their fast pace and quick results. Two player games like online rummy can be a great way to hone your skills for playing the card game with more players. If you are short on time and like to complete a quick game of rummy before you head to work, then 2 player games of online rummy are ideal for you.

Read on to know how you can play such quick and short two player games online and win real cash prizes.

How To Play 2 Player Card Games

If you want to play a quick game of rummy or want to practise your skills and strategies before playing with a big group of people, you can play 2-player rummy. To do this, you can log on to the virtual gaming app called First Games App and choose the variation of rummy you want to play. 

There are 13-card rummy games like pool, points and deal rummy. You can pick the version that you want to play and start the game. Here is a step-by-step instruction of how you can play the most basic variation of rummy online:


You will have a standard deck of 52 cards, and each player will get 10 cards.

Game procedure  

  • The dealer will deal both the players 13 cards each face down. You will then use these cards to make sequences and sets.
  • You should start arranging your cards as soon as you get them so that you do not waste any time.
  • The rest of the cards are placed in the centre of the table and are called the stock pile. These are all face down, so you cannot see their value.
  • The top card of this stockpile is placed at the side and starts the discard pile. This is an open pile where your opponent can see what cards you either pick up or discard.
  • The player on the dealer’s left will start the game by picking a card from either the stockpile or the open pile.
  • In turn, they will have to discard one card from their current hand. You can discard the same card you just picked up.

    The next player will then do the same and the game will continue till either of you discard or meld all your cards or declare a hand.


  • Meddling your cards means joining your cards into sequences (3,4, 5,6). These can be of any suit, but you must form at least two pure sequences to win or a pure and impure sequence.
  • A pure sequence has no printed jokers or wild jokers, whereas, in an impure sequence, you can use jokers to complete your sequence. For instance (3, 4, 5, Printed Joker).
  • You should also match your other cards in sets of the same suits like 3 of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.
  • This will help you reduce your points so that you can win the game.


  • You must also discard cards at every turn to get rid of high-value cards that are not helping you form sequences and will score you negative marks.
  • You must discard cards with careful thinking so that you don’t miss the opportunity of forming sequences.

Valid Declaration  

  • Once you have made a pure and impure sequence, you can call a valid declaration. 
  • You will be given zero points and will be the winner.
  • Your opponent’s points will be calculated on the basis of their unsequenced and unpaired cards.

2 player online games of rummy vs
6 player games

Firstly, the biggest difference between 2 player games of rummy and 6 player games is that the waiting time for opponents to finish their turn at drawing and discarding cards is lower. Also, if you are playing using complex laws of probability, counting cards and calculation strategies in two player online games become all the easier for you. Moreover, if you rely on Jokers to ace your rummy game, the involvement of a lesser number of players, like in two player games of rummy, gives you a greater chance of drawing a Printed Joker or Wild Joker (Cut Joker).

Whereas, in a 6 player game, there is a higher chance that the other five players will pick up the Jokers. And, this will leave you with a lesser number of Jokers to depend on for completing your impure card sequences and sets. When you play rummy in the two player games online format, although the money you can win per game is lower, you can proceed faster in the tournament and at the end win a larger sum of money.

Tips And Tricks To Win 2 Player Card Game

Rummy is a fun and strategic game you can play online on the First Games App, and even with two players, you can employ a number of tips and tricks. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you win in a 2 player rummy card game:

1. Start Arranging Your Cards

You should start arranging your cards as soon as you are dealt your hand. A good way to arrange your cards is by separating the colours so that you don’t miss any cards. You must also keep your cards hidden at all times.

2. Form Pure Sequences Quickly 

In some versions of rummy, you must have at least one pure sequence (3, 4, 5 ,6 etc.) to win the game. Regardless of the version, it is best to start forming sequences as soon as possible so that you can meld your cards and earn fewer points.

3. Use The Joker Wisely

The printed joker and wild joker are important cards in rummy as you can use them to form an impure sequence (3, 4, 5, Printed joker). They can be used in any sequence or set as a stand-in to complete it and help you make a declaration. You can get rid of them if the game demands but keeping jokers may prove to be helpful in some of the rummy variants

4. Discard Cards Wisely

You should try and always fool your opponent into giving you a card you need, This is called fishing. For instance, if you have 9 of hearts and clubs and 8 of spades, you should discard the 8 of spades. Your opponent will think you do not need 9 of spades and will discard it. This will help you form a set and reduce your points. 

5. Keep An Eye On Your Opponent

In 2-player rummy, it is easy to keep an eye on what cards your opponent is either picking up or discarding. Try to memorise their cards so that you don’t discard cards that will help them form sequences.

6. Keep Your Cards Hidden

You should avoid picking up from the discard pile unless it helps your hand. This will keep your cards hidden from your opponent, and they will not be able to guess your sequences and sets.

7. Discard High-Value Cards And Keep Middle Cards

  • If you have a lot of face cards like A, J, Q, K and high numeric cards like 10, 9, 8, 7, you should get rid of them. 
  • If these cards are not helping you form a sequence or a set, they will add to your cash points at the end of the game. 
  • You will end up paying a lot of cash to your opponent if you hold onto these cards. 
  • Instead, you should concentrate on keeping middle cards as these can help you form pure sequences and sets and can help you win the game. 
  • Even if you can’t make a sequence at the end of the game, it is always better to get 2 negative points rather than 10 negative points.

two player games of rummy for practice runs

Since online rummy is becoming the favourite pass time activity for many Indians, virtual sports apps like First Games (FG) have the most popular format that is the 2 player online games of rummy for you to indulge in. For beginners, two player games of rummy on First Games is an exciting new way to practice rummy with more chances of winning. Beginners can play two player online games of rummy to save time and develop their rummy skills and strategies.

The best part about 2 player games of online rummy is that beginners don’t need to wait longer to match with other beginner players since there are only two players needed to begin the game. This will help beginners to stay engaged in playing rummy for longer. And, the longer they play, the better they can develop their skills in playing 2 player online games of rummy.

break the monotony with 2 player games of rummy

If you think that playing two player games of rummy can soon become monotonous and boring due to the lack of a competitive edge of the opponent, then don’t worry. First Games is such a platform that engages some of the best and expert rummy players of India that excel in playing 2 player games of rummy online. Every two player games of online rummy that you play on First Games is different from the previous one and ensures that you are continuously growing in your learning curve.

With a user base of several thousand and even lakhs of Paytm users, First Games ensures that you never get bored when playing two player online games of rummy. Each player that you are matched with, in the 2 player games format of rummy on First Games, is furthermore advanced than the previous player.

So, don’t wait any further, log in securely with your Paytm registered mobile number on First Games and begin battling it out in 2 player online games of rummy to win real cash that you can instantly encash into your bank account without any charges.

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  • What is the best 2 player game online?
    The best 2 player card game online is Rummy, as it is a riveting and interesting game. You need to use strategies and skills to win this game and stay ahead of your opponents. On the First Games App, you can start playing two-player rummy with your friends or strangers and keep practising and advancing to bigger tournaments. There are many variations of rummy, but the most popular one is the 13- card rummy.
  • How many cards do you deal with 2 players?
    The dealer in two-player rummy will deal 13 cards each to both the opponents. The rest of the cards will be placed in the centre to create the stockpile, and the top card of the stockpile will be placed upwards to form the discard pile. However, there are many variations of rummy, so it is best to check the rules of the particular game you are playing.
  • Can rummy be played with 2 players?
    Yes, rummy can be played with 2 players in each variation. The stakes and cash prizes might be lower, but the game will still be as exciting as ever. It will also be a better way for you to learn the tips and tricks of the game online by watching your opponent’s discarded cards carefully. You will also learn how to trick them by playing certain cards that will fool them.
  • How do you play cards with 2 players?
    You can log on to the First Games App and start a 2-player rummy game where you are matched either with your friend or with a stranger. Each game has different players and different levels, so you can keep advancing to play in a tournament and win cash prizes. There are also many variations of the game you can choose from. Here is how you can play the simplest variation of the rummy game with 2 players:
    • Each player is dealt 13 cards face down, with which they have to start creating their hand.
    • The rest of the cards are placed in the centre and are called the stock.
    • The top card of this stock is turned upward and placed at the side to form the discard pile.
    • Each player will then get a turn to pick up a card either from the stock or the discard pile.
    • In turn, you will have to discard a card from your hand.
    • You must create sequences and sets with your hand and the cards in the stock and discard them.
    • If you create one pure and one impure sequence (with a printed joker or wild joker like 3, 4, 5, Printed joker), you can declare your hand.
    • If it is valid, you will get zero points and win the game.


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