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Tired of scrolling through endless social media updates? Can’t find a better way to spend your free time? Have you considered playing rummy?

Rummy originated centuries ago. This globe-trotting card game took on its current form early in the last century. And, it immediately won itself many fans. It is thrilling, makes you come up with new game plans to out-think your opponents, and is really a great way to do something fun when friends or family come together.

In the last few years, rummy has gone online, and its craze has multiplied. Now, you can play 24x7 rummy. You can log in and join any online rummy table. Unlimited rummy games are played throughout the day every day. So, whether you are new to the game or a skilled rummy player, you should seriously consider playing rummy online.

Where to play rummy games 24*7

If you want to play unlimited rummy all day or any time of the day when it is convenient for you, you will need to download a rummy app. There are many games apps to choose from. Before you pick on, remember, you need to be careful because money and your personal details are concerned. So, you need an app you can trust. For example, First Games uses the same technology as the payment app Paytm to transfer money (be it adding money to your account to enter cash rummy games or transferring your winnings to your bank account or Paytm Wallet). Most importantly, you need to ensure that your rummy app offers instant withdrawal and is also perfectly legal. On that score too, you can trust First Games which channels your cash rewards immediately and holds all the necessary certificates and approvals to make your earnings legal.

How to Play Different Rummy Variants 24*7?

If you wish to play rummy variants 24x7, you can download the First Games App for never-ending experiences. The following are the steps for you to play Rummy variants any time of the day on the First Games app:

  • Download The First Games App on your smartphone and complete the registration process.
  • Open the app and choose the rummy game you wish to play. On the First Games, you get a variety of rummy games that can be played 24x7. Proceed further by choosing the game and selecting the amount according to your preference.
  • The game is played between 2 to 6 players, and wait for a few seconds to let the challengers join in.
  • As the game commences, all the participants are dealt with 13 cards, and the game proceeds with the picking and discarding of cards. Whichever variant you are playing, the aim of the game is to form a valid declaration.
  • In the rummy game, you need to arrange your 13 cards into a valid declaration to be a winner. A valid declaration comprises at least two sequences, out of which one shall be a pure sequence.
  • You can use a printed joker or wild card joker to create impure sequences or sets.
  • The player who makes the valid declaration first wins the rummy game.
  • You need to be particular about the variety of rummy that you are playing because the gameplay will depend on it.

Easy Mobile Download And High-Speed Rummy App

Are you interested in an easy-to-download rummy app that ensures high speed? The First Games is the most trusted app that can be downloaded quite easily and guarantees a high speed to all its players.

These are the steps to download the rummy game on your Android phone:

  • Open your mobile browser to visit the website of First Games.
  • Click on the ‘download now’ and you will receive a confirmation message. Tap on Ok to proceed further.
  • After downloading, it will ask to make changes in the settings. Proceed with it.
  • Once the download is done, tap on the icon appearing on your home screen to complete the installation process.
  • After this, complete the sign-in formalities and proceed further by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • You are ready to play the high-speed rummy game on your phone.

For iPhone users, the following are the quick and easy steps to download the high-speed rummy app on your mobile:

  • Visit the app store on your mobile and search for the First Games.
  • Once the app appears, tap on the 'download' option and proceed to install it.
  • After downloading the app, complete the signing-up formalities.
  • Add your registered mobile number for registration. You will receive a message carrying an OTP for confirmation.
  • Now, you can tap on the rummy game icon and indulge in the high-speed game by adding money.

Rummy Rules

The following are the rules to play Rummy games:

  • The rummy game is played between 2 to 6 players. The game comprises two decks of 52 cards each.
  • The player needs to arrange all 13 cards dealt according to a valid declaration comprising sets and sequences. A valid declaration must possess at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence.
  • Printed jokers and wild card jokers are used in rummy to create impure rummy sequences and rummy sets.
  • Each card in rummy carries certain points. The cards remaining in the hands of losing players are evaluated and points are charged accordingly. In rummy, A, K, Q, and J carries 10 points each, whereas other cards fetch the value written on them respectively. For example, a 4♥️ carries 4 points.
  • A valid declaration of rummy must have a pure sequence. Ideally, a sequence is the combination of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. (2♥️3♥️4♥️ is a pure sequence.)
  • 10♥️J♥️Q♥️PJ is an impure sequence, where PJ is a printed joker which is used to replace the missing King of the Hearts.
  • A set carries three or four cards of the same value but belongs to different suits. 5♥️5♠️5♣️5♦️ is an example of a set. 7♠️7♥️7♦️PJ is a set in which a PJ (printed joker) is used to replace the missing 7♣️.
  • The player who is the first to make a valid declaration wins the rummy game.

How to play rummy online?

The rules of how to play rummy online are the same as those for the physical game. Depending on the version of online rummy you are playing, you will be dealt a specific number of cards. You will have to arrange these cards into valid sets (3 or more cards of the same value but from different suits) and sequences (2 or more cards of consecutive value from the same suit). Again, depending on the variant of rummy you are playing, there will be rules regarding how many sequences are necessary.

Once you have sorted all your cards as per the rules, you can hit the ‘declare button’. The first one to do so wins.


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  • How do you get real money playing rummy?
    If you wish to win real money by playing rummy games then make sure that you are trusting a reliable gaming platform. The First Games by Paytm is the most trusted platform to play online rummy games and win real cash. To win cash rewards make sure that you win the game by being the first one to make a valid declaration.
  • Can I play rummy online for free?
    Yes, you can play rummy for free, however, you need to choose a bidding amount to participate in the game.
  • Which rummy app gives instant money?
    The First Games by Paytm is one of the leading gaming apps to play rummy and guarantees instant money to be credited to the winner's account.
  • How do you win rummy every time online?
    Everyone has their own way of playing and winning rummy. However, the more you practice, the better you get a hold of the game. Make sure that you know the rules of the game and try to make a valid declaration before anyone else does it.


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